RCT Solutions designs and develops high-quality customizable software, web applications and desktop applications for just about any requirement.

Systems development

We bring an in-depth understanding of an organization’s business needs to each systems development project, working together with client teams and specialists to drive the analysis and technical design of large scale software applications and integrated systems including conceptual architectures, application architecture and design, and software engineering. We have hands-on experience in agile development and are skilled in both traditional and hybrid development approaches, with deep experience in prototyping, code development, modularization, unit testing, performance testing, configuration and defect management, and production deployment.

Our capabilities include:

  • Application design and architecture services
  • Application modernization
  • Custom application development.NET and J2EE

One enterprise with multiple IT systems can result in confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity. RCTSolutions' experience and expertise transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.

 Business Value

  • The ability to access real-time data and gain a consolidated view of your business
  • Accelerated business processes
  • Reduced business cycle times 
  • Higher performance 
  • Increased flexibility

This offer includes a core flexible workflow engine and a series of application modules, which will handle the specific requirements of your business. These requirements may be sales quotation, stocktaking, Finance, HR information and customer data management.

All of these requirements are vital for the functionality of your business; your current system may be delaying your everyday processes and influencing its profitability in the long run. Many businesses are not aware of the lack of functionality their current application system is suffering - thus, they also slow down the prosperity of their business without knowing about it.

Put your business ahead in the competition and let our IT professionals develop suitable and highly functional business applications so that you also can experience the difference.

As our client, you may select the applications you prefer and simply let our team seamlessly integrate them into your infrastructure. On request, we will even deliver the application as a complete software service solution to ensure the bespoke service we pride ourselves on.

In addition to these high-quality and advanced business applications, RCT Solutions will also make sure that you receive comprehensive after sales-service and expert advice from the very best of our consultants.

Contact us today and we will develop the applications, seamlessly integrate them and help your business to prosper faster.